BBL™ PhotoFacial

What is the BBL™ PhotoFacial?

PhotoFacial with BroadBand Light™ technology is the gold standard in the treatment of many conditions which exist as a result of sun damage and the aging process, as well as symptoms of Rosacea. In this procedure, a broad spectrum light beam is delivered below the surface of the skin, where it is absorbed by targeted, damaged tissue. A sophisticated computer driven machine equipped with a small hand piece is used in this procedure.

What will the BBL™ PhotoFacial do for you?

The remarkable thing about PhotoFacial is that it can address a wide variety of conditions simultaneously. This technology upgrade at Rejuvené ensures the delivery of a more precise, powerful, and comfortable treatment. The benefits of PhotoFacial are consistent, visible improvements in the appearance of the skin that becomes more pronounced with each treatment. As early as the first treatment, you may notice a more even skin tone and a smoother look and feel. Five treatments are recommended for optimal results. This is a no downtime, non-surgical treatment.

Conditions that are successfully treated with BBL™ PhotoFacial include:
  • Rosacea
  • Facial capillaries
  • Capillaries of the décolletage
  • Age spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven, blotchy skin tone
  • Rough skin texture
  • Enlarged pores
  • Facial lines and wrinkles

Results don't lie:

BBL Photofacial Before
BBL Photofacial After
BBL Photofacial Before and After

How does the BBL™ PhotoFacial address Rosacea?

This is the premier treatment available for reduction of many symptoms of Rosacea, and is currently the only treatment that can reduce or destroy facial and décolletage capillaries satisfactorily.

Innovation in technologies and advanced training of our professional staff at Rejuvené has resulted in the development of two additional options for comprehensive treatment of symptoms of not only Rosacea, but all imperfections of the skin that result from sun damage and the aging process. Advances produced by high level training of our professionals at Rejuvené have generated the availability of several combination treatments, with PhotoFacial as the base.

PhotoFacial made a huge difference in the redness and pigmentation in my face. My Esthetician thought I had a face lift! My husband and a good friend were so impressed they both bought a series of PhotoFacials.
- Daryl W.
I was very pleased with the results of the AFT PhotoFacial. It diminished my redness (caused by rosacea), descreased my pore size, and improved the texture of my skin tremendously.
- Sharon H.
My children were amazed at the difference after my PhotoFacial treatments. They all agreed I instantly looked five years younger!
- Sandy A.
I have had so many positive comments about my skin since I came to Rejuvenè for PhotoFacial Treatments. I love the results!
- Patricia F.
I love how the PhotoFacial evened out my skin tone and made my freckles disappear! So happy with the results! Thanks Rachelle!
- Kristah N.

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