Rejuvené Signature Facial

A classic facial treatment with standard benefits that produce hydration and refinement for any skin type. Includes exfoliation with a gentle enzyme and the application of a custom masque therapy. Aromatic essences are used to balance and revitalize the skin.


MicroEuropean Facial

Upgrade your Rejuvené Signature Facial by adding our wet diamond microdermabrasion for greater product penetration and smooth refined skin.


HydraEuropean Facial

Combine the luxury and power of HydraFacial® with the relaxation and bliss of our Rejuvené Signature European Facial.


ZOEuro Plus Brightening

This therapeutic facial targets aging, sun damaged, dull, and dehydrated skin. The results are beautiful refined skin with a brightened complexion.


Skin Medica Rejuvenating Facial

Our anti-aging and rejuvenating facial offers a customized treatment for anyone concerned with the effects of aging skin. We focus on ultimate cellular stimulation, firming and repair, utilizing potent growth factors, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides.


Acne Treatment

Delivering therapeutic effects on mild to severe acne, the process includes the all important deep cleansing of impacted pores. The addition of a Blue Light Treatment may be recommended in order to optimize an effective method of attaining clear and healthy skin.

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