Lip Enhancement And Correction

Fast becoming a very sought after treatment, Lip Enhancement using advanced Injectable Filler Products can produce dramatic results by diminishing deep lip lines, defining the border of the lip and adding volume to thinning lips. Each procedure is customized to the condition and desires of the individual and can be performed on both the lower and upper lip. One or more steps may be used to create the look you wish to achieve! It is very important that the physician who administers this treatment be very well trained with a great deal of skill and experience.

What can I expect during my treatment?

A micro needle is used to inject the appropriate Filler Product into the affected areas during this treatment. A local anesthetic much the same as what is used for dental work is applied in order to minimize discomfort. There is no downtime associated with lip enhancement other than the possibility of slight swelling for a brief amount of time. At Rejuvené, in order to also minimize the occurrence of any bruising, we encourage the use of specific medication that addresses this possibility. You may apply makeup at any time that it is comfortable to do so following lip enhancement.

With Lip Enhancement using Injectable Filler Products you can expect to enjoy the results of this procedure for 6-9 months or longer!

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