Loss of Facial Volume

As we age, subtle changes occur in the appearance of the face which may become progressively more pronounced with time. Much of what may be observed is due to fat loss, resulting in reduction of a youthful contour. You may see some or all of the following conditions:

Upper face:
  • Lines on the forehead
  • Drooping of the eyebrows
  • Lines between the brows
  • Crows feet extending out from the outer corner of the eyes
  • Sunken areas underneath the eyes
Mid face:
  • Sunken, hollow cheeks
  • Deep lines that extend from the nose down to the corners of the mouth
  • Lines around the mouth
  • Loss of lip definition
  • Thinning lips
  • Lip lines
  • Lines extending downward from the corners of the mouth
Lower face:
  • Jowls
  • Skin that has lost elasticity around the jaw line and chin

Methods of treating loss of facial volume have become highly developed and effective, using a combination of Botox® and a range of Injectable Filler Products. New and specialized techniques and technologies that have emerged in the past two years allow those who wish to do so, to restore a youthful fullness to their appearance! You may wish to correct one area, or engage in a comprehensive approach to correct all of the conditions listed in one treatment session! It is important to select a physician who is highly trained in these procedures, especially if you choose to have an all -inclusive procedure performed.

To become more familiar with treatment methods for correcting areas of volume loss in the face, please refer to all topics in the Injectable Filler Products section of this website, which you can select from the buttons at the top of our home page.

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