Medical Skin Care Products

The products you use for daily skin care can have a big impact on the health and vitality of your skin! Likewise, the lack of such use can negate other skin rejuvenation methods you may be pursuing. In the past decade, formulations have been brought to the marketplace through medical research and scientific testing that have dynamic affects on the skin. No longer are consumers satisfied with skin care offerings that feel good or have a lovely fragrance, today’s sophisticated clients want results from the formulas they use. An increasing number of individuals are turning to medical professionals for guidance in skin care choices. Who better to help you navigate your options than a physician with years of education in the science of the skin? Formulas found in a Dermatologist’s office are correctly called cosmeceuticals, a cross between a cosmetic product and a pharmaceutical formulation. High concentrations of active ingredients produce real therapeutic value, and are correctly considered to be exceptionally powerful. Remember: your Dermatologist is your skin’s best advocate!

Customized Skin Care

At Rejuvené, we carry a wide variety of the most advanced and effective skin care products. The following highlights some of our most widely used formulas. Please also see our Quick Reference Guide to Daily Skin Care in this section of our website which illustrates the large number of options we provide. Everyone’s skin is unique, and our skin care specialists will be happy to assist you in making the right choices for you and you alone! Kelly and Angie are highly trained in the science of skin care and look forward to serving you in the Skin Care Boutique at Rejuvené.

Medical Skin Care Catalog

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