Radiesse®, a member of the filler product family, is unique in more than one respect. It is made of very small calcium microspheres which are suspended in a water based gel. As Radiesse® is injected, the microspheres form a platform beneath the skin, stimulating collagen production and encouraging tissue growth in the injection area. Although it can product immediate correction of facial folds and wrinkles, it also acts to rebuild your skin’s foundation, creating optimum volume replacement.

This filler is ideal for treatment of lines and wrinkles, particularly those in the area of the nose and mouth, including those lines which go from the corners of the nose, downward toward the mouth. It is most notably used to restore volume to areas where there has been fat and or bone loss.

Another unique feature of Radiesse is the length of time the effects of the injections remain. In most cases the youthful look of facial restoration from this treatment last 1-2 years. Although some individuals prefer a less permanent correction of facial imperfections, others find this quality to be highly desirable.

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