Collagen P.I.N. Microneedling

How does Collagen P.I.N. Microneedling work?

Fast gaining prominence in the arena of skin rejuvenation technologies, Collagen P.I.N. Microneedling creates miniscule and invisible perforations in the top layer of the dermis. This causes activation of the skin's natural self-repairing function which releases growth factors and generates new collagen growth. This treatment has similar effects as fractional lasers in a somewhat less aggressive manner with less downtime. Successful resolution of imperfections in most cases requires a series of procedures.

The application of Collagen P.I.N. procedures includes treatment of a wide variety of skin imperfections:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Textural conditions

Results don't lie:

Acne Before
Acne After
Acne Before and After

In particular, this technology is showing remarkable effectiveness in the treatment of acne scarring and stretch marks, the latter being a condition that until now has been difficult to successfully treat.

Due to the wide array of possible treatment modalities for various skin imperfections, it is important to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Dermatology skin care professionals in order to correctly assess the most effective treatment for your condition.

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