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Pyratine-6™ and Pyratine XR™

When Pyratine-6™ was released into the marketplace, Rejuvené was the first venue in the United States to carry it. Originally developed as a powerful topical anti-aging tool, it also generated superior results in the treatment of Rosacea. In multiple clinical studies and now in practical use by consumers, Pyratine-6 has proven to be a powerful, multi-faceted, formula which produces remarkable changes on the skin. The next generation of this formula, Pyratine XR came to the marketplace shortly thereafter.

  • Reduces visible signs of skin aging
  • Minimizes and soothes facial redness
  • Produces even skin tone
  • Smoothes and brightens the skin

The formula is available in both lotion and cream formulations, making it desirable for use on either dry or oily skin. Pyratine 6™ and Pyratine XR are only available in physician offices and is currently the leading anti-aging product sold in North America to that market.

Pyratine XR
Pyratine 6

Patients who use Pyratine-6™ and Pyratine XR for the treatment of Rosacea have this to say:

This product is the best thing that I have ever used to reduce my facial redness. I love it and would not be without it. - Mike S.
I was happy to be included in a test for Rosacea. Pyratine-6™ helped me right away. Within 3 days, breakouts and skin dryness were so much better. I had tried many moisturizers over the years and nothing seemed to help. My family definitely noticed a difference in the redness of my face. I am grateful to my Doctor for this help. I want to continue using Pyratine-6™. - Patricia C.

For longer, fuller, darker lashes



Meg-21 with Supplamine®

Produced by scientific discovery, Supplamine® is a unique dual nutrient formula that is a combination of natural amino acids and a substitute sugar that does not cause oxidative stress or free radicals. This ingredient is exclusive to Meg-21 products and produces superior moisturization for the skin.