Decorative tattoos have served as a means of expression for centuries, and have become commonplace in today's society. As far back as 1991, it was documented that 11% of males in the United States had tattoos. It is possible that number is greater today, and the amount of females having them has definitely increased. In the 1991 study, it was shown that 50% of those surveyed had a desire to have their tattoos removed. Until recently, methods to do so have not been highly successful, and often resulted in scarring at the site of treatment.

There are many types of tattoos including professional, amateur, traumatic and surgical. Inks that are used also vary in composition and can affect successful removal. These factors and the unknown depth to which the ink has been placed in the skin make it difficult to predict the exact outcome of treatment in some cases.

Tattoo Removal Treatment:

Earlier methods of removing tattoos have had less than desirable outcomes. Treatments such as lasers and dermabrasion have often left scars in place of the graphic itself. With the advent of the MedLite Laser, removal of most types of tattoos has become much more successful, with minimal risk of scarring.

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