What is Thermage®?

One of today's remarkable cosmetic advances, Thermage® provides a non-surgical method of lifting, tightening, and contouring the face with no downtime or anesthesia. This is significant because aging and sun damage commonly cause varying degrees of sagging and loosening of the skin. Although there are many excellent laser and light treatments that cause dramatic improvement for other cosmetic conditions, Thermage® effectively addresses the specific issue of the effects of gravity on the skin.

How does it work?

A sophisticated hand held device equipped with what is called a ThermaTip delivers pulses of radiofrequency into the deepest layers of the skin, safely heating the structure of collagen found there. This causes tightening of the treated area. Many individuals see an immediate lifting of the skin with continuing improvement up to six months after the treatment. In other cases the lifting and tightening occurs more slowly during the following weeks. In addition, the texture and tone of the skin is instantly improved. There is no downtime required with this procedure.

What can you expect during your treatment?

Thermage® treatments are conducted only in the office of qualified physicians who specialize in cosmetic procedures. The amount of time necessary to complete this procedure will vary depending on the number of areas that will be treated. Your appointment may last from 20 minutes to two hours. Most individuals experience very little discomfort, but a light sedative may be recommended in order to minimize any sensations associated with the treatment.

Treatment results

Current studies demonstrate that the response to Thermage® will range from subtle to somewhat dramatic. The length of time that the benefits of this procedure last is varied. For some, one treatment may last for some time, in others repeat treatments may be beneficial. According to studies and our experience, the tightening that you achieve may be maintained from one to several years. It is important to note that the effects of gravity continue to create a loosening of the skin as we age! For this reason, you may wish to repeat the procedure at various intervals, to continue to enjoy the younger, fresher look that can be achieved. If you should choose to schedule a Thermage® within 18 months of your initial treatment, we provide special pricing for this service!

At Rejuvené, we now have the most advanced Thermage® technology, The ThermaCool NXT™, the next generation system with redesigned features inside and out. In addition to more efficient, effective treatments, the ThermaCool NXT™ reduces treatment times for our patients.

With an increase in the range of settings available in this equipment, those with very sensitive skin can be treated successfully at lower settings.

Areas of the face that can be effectively treated with Thermage® are:

  • Full face
  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Jowls
  • Chin
  • Jaw Line
  • Area around the mouth
  • Eyes
I have had fabulous results with Thermage®. People keep saying 'you look so rested!' The staff is wonderful. I can't say enough great things about this procedure and the staff at Rejuvené!
- Catherine F.
I noticed immediate improvement, especially along the jaw line. I've even noticed improved texture. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this treatment.
- Beverly A.

Results don't lie:

Thermage Before
Thermage After
Thermage Before and After

Eyes by Thermage®

The same radiofrequency technology that is used for facial correction with Thermage® is coupled with a specialized tip created specifically for the eye area in an Eyes by Thermage® procedure. This generates correction of such conditions as hooding of the eyelid, fine lines, puffiness, and a general drooping of the skin in this area. This treatment is non-surgical and requires no downtime. At Rejuvené, this treatment is customized for each individual, and can be performed using one of two distinct methods or a combination of both, depending on the imperfections that exist and the amount of correction you desire.

Periorbital Thermage® applies the technology to areas underneath the eye itself and above the brow, but not treating the eyelid and the area just above it. This approach often causes an immediate lifting and opening of the eye, creating a brighter, more youthful look to the upper face. Improvements typically continue to accelerate up to six months after the procedure.

Using this method of treatment, you can expect smoother, younger looking skin in the eye area, reduced crepiness, diminished hooding, tightening and lifting of the brow area which results in a more open look to the eye, reduction of puffiness under the eye, and softening of fine lines.

Eyes by Thermage® uses the technology to treat not only the areas mentioned in the prior paragraph, but the eyelid itself as well as the area just above it. When performing this type of Thermage®, an eye shield is used in order to fully and safely treat the eyelid.

Eyes by Thermage made an amazing difference for me. I feel better and look younger!
- Ladonna S.
Thermage has been wonderful for me. I am fifty years old and people say that my eyes are beautiful after having my treatment.
- D.C.

Body Thermage®

Thermage® technology can be applied to other areas of the body including the abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks. The action of lifting and tightening loose skin is the same as when it is applied to the face and eyes. A designated tip for these areas adjusts the amount of radiofrequency applied. Depending on the scope of the treated area, this procedure can take up to two hours, but is non-surgical and requires no downtime. Results vary from subtle to dramatic correction, depending on the condition of the skin, general health status, and the aging process itself.

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