No surgery, no downtime! You can take years off your appearance in 30 minutes with an exciting new procedure, the Volumalift™, at times also referred to as Restalift™ Used to correct all the imperfections of the face that may occur from aging in one treatment session, the results will be immediate.

A combination of filler products is injected into specific facial areas and acts to rebuild volume, fill and lift facial skin, restoring what is sometimes referred to as the fullness of youth! This is a highly customized procedure, as each individual has unique facial structure, and a varying degree of signs of aging. For safety and success, a VolumaLift™ should only be performed by a highly trained, specialized physician.

Prior to beginning, local anesthetic will be applied to all areas that will be treated. Because there will be multiple small injections during this procedure, there may be slight to moderate bruising that will disappear in a short period of time. At Rejuvené, we recommend our unique anti-bruising system be used prior to your VolumaLift™ in order to prevent or minimize the possibility of this side effect.

Please inquire about special pricing applied to any vials of product beyond two that may be necessary to ensure optimum results in your treatment.

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