Facial Redness

Facial Redness can occur due to Rosacea or Facial Capillaries:


Approximately 16 million people in America have Rosacea. The symptoms of Rosacea can be mistaken for other conditions of the skin, or can be even masked by other diseases.

Left untreated, the symptoms of Rosacea will become more severe, and the sooner they are addressed, the better the chances of achieving good results from treatment. That's why correct assessment and treatment by your Dermatologist is very important!

Rosacea Symptoms

  • Blushing/flushing
  • Persistent facial redness
  • Visible blood vessels
  • Bumps, pimples
  • Burning, stinging, itching
  • Possible swelling

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Rosacea Before
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Rosacea Before and After

Rosacea Treatments

Once the condition has been treated medically, cosmetic treatments can be used to effectively reduce the visible signs of the condition such as facial redness and capillaries. BBL™ PhotoFacial is the treatment of choice for this condition and can be considered a wise investment in the long-term outcome of Rosacea.

Appropriate skin care is essential for the management of Rosacea. Rejuvené Gentle Skin Care Products are specifically formulated for this condition.

Facial Capillaries

Capillaries (small blood vessels) are a normal part of the composition of the body, but usually are not visible. With age, some may be seen, most often around the nose and on the cheeks and appear as networks of small, red or bluish lines. The medical term for this condition is telangiectasia.

The causes of visible capillaries are numerous, but are often found in middle-aged individuals with fair skin who have had considerable exposure to the sun. Facial capillaries often accompany symptoms of Rosacea as well.

Results don't lie:

Facial Capillaries Before
Facial Capillaries After
Facial Capillaries Before and After

BBL™ PhotoFacial can be very effective in completely erasing facial capillaries. Depending on the severity of the problem, a series of treatments may be recommended for optimal outcomes. To prevent the reoccurrence of the condition, it is very important that you protect the skin at all times with a sunblock containing SPF30 or above.

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