Injectable Filler Products

One of the most rapidly growing methods of restoring the aging face to a more youthful state involves the use of what are known as filler products. A wide variety of formulas of this nature are in the marketplace presently, with more on the horizon. Experts in the field of cosmetic medicine observe that it is not tightening that necessarily gives the desired outcome for restoration of the face to a more youthful look, but volume replacement and correction of lines and folds. This can be successfully achieved with injections of a combination of filler products. This type of treatment is non-surgical and requires no down time. The popularity for this type of approach is increasing as consumers desire to replace the scalpel with the syringe whenever possible!

Examples of changes that may occur in varying degrees as we age include:
  • Drooping of the brows
  • Hooding of the upper eyelid
  • Crepiness and fine lines underneath the eye
  • Hollowness underneath the eye
  • Sagging, loosened skin
  • Sunken areas beneath the cheek bones
  • Deep folds that extend from the side of the nose downward toward the mouth
  • Thinning and loss of definition of the lip
  • Lip lines
  • Diminishing chin line
  • Jowls
  • Irregular contours of the nose
  • Flattened, thinning earlobes

Filler products have been used successfully for several years to fill lines and folds on the face. The approach today is to offer a more complete correction of conditions listed above by using a carefully selected combination of products in appropriate areas. The goal is to restore natural volume to the face in order to recapture a youthful, vital look!

At Rejuvené, we use the following filler products:

More than any other type of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, performing injectable procedures requires the highest level of competence in order to produce not only the greatest amount of correction, but also to avoid the occurrence of complications. In depth knowledge of the anatomy and musculature of the face is critical for safety and success in this process. Each substance has a distinct mechanism of action and is indicated for injection in very specific areas. The selection of products to be used in each individual case will be based on a careful assessment of each person’s needs and conditions.


The question is often asked what the difference is between filler products and Botox®. The two formulas have completely different actions. Botox® relaxes tiny facial muscles, causing lines in certain areas to diminish or disappear. Filler products fill lines, and rebuilds volume to sunken areas of the face, restoring natural contours. It is not unusual for individuals to utilize both treatments to restore a youthful look to the face in a rather dramatic way. For further discussion regarding Botox®, please go to the Treatments and Procedures menu on this website.

If you wish to consider treatments with filler products, please call (530) 342-8295 and let us help you SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION. After assessing what you would like to accomplish, a course of action will be developed that is customized specifically for you!