Normal skin contains cells called melanocytes which produce skin pigment known as melanin. In certain conditions of the skin, these cells are either abnormal or abnormally distributed. In the condition we refer to as Hyperpigmentation, the pigment cells are overactive, resulting in the appearance of brown patches on the skin. There are various forms of this condition, and each may involve a different treatment approach.

Melasma or brown patches of skin which often appear on the cheeks or forehead, can be due to heredity or caused by hormonal changes such as occur in pregnancy. This is also referred to as the "mask of pregnancy". Melasma, unlike other pigmented lesions, does not respond to laser treatments, but may improve with other types of treatment.

Age spots or liver spots commonly appear on many adults during the aging process or after years of exposure to the sun. They are normally seen on the hands, neckline, and forearms. Also referred to as liver spots or lentigos, they can be a detraction from your natural beauty. Fortunately, this type of pigmented lesion can be treated very successfully.

Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation may result from injury to the skin. Causes of this condition include severe acne, rashes such as eczema or psoriasis, and even poorly administered chemical peels or laser surgery.

Hyperpigmentation Treatments

In recent years, advanced treatments have become available that effectively and at times dramatically resolve most types of Hyperpigmentation. Naturally, more severe cases may require long term treatments to restore clear, healthy skin!

BBL™ PhotoFacial or MicroLaserPeel™ treatments offer advanced approaches to the treatment of Hyperpigmentation. A series of several PhotoFacial treatments can make remarkable progress in diminishing this condition in all areas with little to no down time following the procedure.

Specific topical products can be integrated into the treatment process, or as a stand-alone approach for Hyperpigmentation. Please consult our skin care professionals in the Skin Care Boutique for proper guidance in the selection of appropriate formulas.

For further information, please refer to BBL™ PhotoFacial and MicrolaserPeel™ in the Treatments & Procedures menu.

There are many types of Hyperpigmentation and a variety of treatment approaches, so it is essential to schedule a Skin Care Consultation for proper evaluation and in order to determine the correct method of treatment.

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